Praise WORLD Wide

Praise Worldwide embodies the vision and  commitment to serving communities locally and globally.

Through initiatives like outreach programs, disaster relief efforts, and partnerships 
with local church and community organizations.
Praise Worldwide strives to serve and fulfill what Christ has called each missionary team to do-
The Great Commission 
Matthew 28:16-20

Support of Missionaries Around The World

Part of the vision of Praise Tabernacle is to have those that have been restored go out and  SERVE  Everywhere.

As we advance the Kingdom by sending out individuals and teams to many different cities, countries and nations, we train and equip them to be effective everywhere they go, to be culturally sensitive, continually
grow in their gifts and missionary calling. They work effectively with other churches and exhibit the qualities in servanthood and leadership.

Praise Worldwide is the ministry called to support missionaries working in the field to assist them in the work God has called them to do.
We work  alongside them to plan, prepare and send out teams involved in short-term outreaches as well as those called to serve long-term both overseas and here in the U.S.

Meet Our Missionaries

The Vaughans

YWAM Lakeside Montana

Clarks & Holmans

For The ONE

Dana Molla 

Bethesda House of Grace 

David & Rebecca Stabler 

YWAM Switzerland

Glenis Acosta 

South Korea 

John & Elaine Allegrato 

YWAM Tyler Texas

John & Mary Henry 

YWAM Ocean City NJ

Lance & Kim Klepp

YWAM Tyler Texas

Les & Yvonne Parr 

Center For Indian Ministries

Martina Stabler 

Harpenden, England

Rick & Karen Allegrato 

Tyler Texas

Anthony & Emily Huerta

Tyler Texas

Henry & Maria Davis

Davo City, Philippines