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  • Two-Year School of Ministry Diploma to receive a School of Ministry diploma from Global Ministries and Relief, Inc.
  • Work requirement: One-time registration fee of $25.00.  You must purchase each course booklet at $30.00 per subject.  Turn in weekly assignments that will be graded.
  • Discovery, Prayer School, Healing School, Evangelism I, Principles of Faith, Knowing God’s Will and Voice, Christian Doctrine, Christian, Character, Christian Stewardship, The Glorious Church, Theology and Life, Christian Leadership I, Christian Leadership II, Evangelism I, Christian Ministry
  •  School Registration: $25 Course Book: $30 (Click Below)


  • 50-Week Spiritual Leadership School to receive a certificate from Global Ministries and Relief, Inc.
  • Work Requirement: After completing the 50 lessons, watching the videos, completing all assignments, and attending the Virtual Fireside Chats with Dr. Leon, you will receive a Diploma of Spiritual Leadership. You will also receive a Transcript worth 20 Credits toward an accredited University Degree at GTU. INTENSIVE SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM COSTS: One Payment of $995 or you can pay a $200 deposit and 8x $100, Partial Payments.

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